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Onsite inspection of PV installations

Testing without downtime

In the solar industry, electroluminescence imaging is being used to monitor the quality of solar components during the production phase.
Once the PV module finished has left the factory, the situation is completely different. Damage recognition and detection using conventional methods is cumbersome, time-consuming and it is not always possible. For that reason, many companies shy away from the high costs and time consuming measurements inherent to regular quality testing at other stages of the life cycle.
Sunnyside upP® recognised this problem and developed a practical and cost effective solution: the mobile measurement service Sunny Check©.
With this proven methodology, we can detect and assess damage in a meaningful number of PV modules the following stages:

  • Factory check
    Quality module testing at the production site
  • Warehouse check Recognition of damages caused during packaging and transport
  • Installation check
    Detection of installation errors and follow up control of your installation teams
  • Final Acceptance Test
    Quality control system before documentation delivery or before expiration of the warranty period
  • Operational check
    Detection of environmental damages (hail, snow, storms and accelerated degradation)

Sunnyside upP® is your partner for outdoor quality

We offer effective protection against unexpected revenue losses

  • Together we keep an eye on the value chain
  • Your modules stay put, where they generate profits. No downtime and loss of earnings
  • Test results are available within a day
  • You will received a thorough evaluation and results assessment
  • You will timely receive ideas for potential improvements for your installation

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