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If you really want it, it does not need to stay just a dream!

Sunnyside upP looks back at more than 1200 MWp of realized production capacity over the past 14 years. During this time we have never doubted that photovoltaic’s will strengthen their contribution to the sustainable transformation in the energy supply sector. Just in Germany, peak power of over 50 gigawatts are currently being fed from photovoltaic energy to the grid on sunny days. Currently, renewable energy sources cover already >50% of the German electricity demand, more than the proportion to that produced by German nuclear power plants. Our efforts, in the quest to replace the proportion of electricity generated by nuclear energy with renewable sources, remain unabated.

Sunnyside upP – Milestones of a powerful team

to date
Over 1200 MWp in built production capacity
Over 35 completed projects in the international PV business
Market introduction of Insitu Electroluminescence measurements in solar parks
Preparation of audits and reports of solar parks> 10MWp
Know-how transfer for C-Si, TF and Roll-to-Roll processes
Facelift of MES software MP Flow V2
Development of the first PV module production in Tunisia
Training and consulting for North American PV manufacturers
Preparation of the test and reference modules for certification laboratories and thin-film producer
five successfully conducted IEC certifications
Development of a interconnection system for BC-solar cells
Various production audits
Specification of a Roll-to-Roll pilot line for flexible thin-film modules
Expansion planning for C-Si module production of 120 MWp/a to 500 MWp/a
Top-level coaching for leading solar module manufacturers
R & D of a junction box system with subsequent production implementation
Production expansion and quality improvements
Tech DD for a thin film production line
Production capacity expansion and remodeling of BIPV-production
Planning of a certification’s lab for solar modules
Module production auditing
Launch of the proprietary MES software MP Flow
IEC certifications
Building of a BIPV module production line
Layout planning and equipment procurement for a module Research Institute
Formation of the PV Experts Network’s
First participation as an exhibitor at the PVSEC
First thin-film conversion projects and equipment procurement as well as drawing up a specification for a MES system
Change of Sunnyside upP from a private enterprise into a limited liability company, with a new corporate structure
Over 250 MWp realized production capacity
DD-study with the Fraunhofer IPA for 2 GW production lines
Moving into the new Office „Waltherstraße 80 – Haus 2012“ in Cologne Dellbrück
Conversion of a pilot line and transferring into mass production
First IEC certification for an international client
Implementation of the first PV module production line in Luxembourg
Establishing one of the first PV module production lines in Taiwan
Team increase to five engineers and moving into a bigger office
Product and Efficiency Audit
Conversion and optimization of a fully automated production line including reopening at its new location
Realization of over 100 MWp production capacity
2004 – 2005
Conceptual design of the first fully automatic production lines with> 80 MWp / year production capacity
Cooperation with the IPA for a production throughput simulation
Product development and building a pilot production
Corporate development of an international module manufacturer with a novel cell connection and module technology
Feasibility study for a 40 MWp / year thin film production line
Implementation of the first production lines for crystalline PV modules in international projects
Founding of the company Sunnyside upP by Markus Steinkötter for planning and implementation of module production equipment for the PV industry.
1999 – 2002
Planning and implementation of the world’s first fully automated photovoltaic module production line (Pilkington Solar International)